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Year Two Evaluation of the Achievement Challenge Pilot Project in the Little Rock Public School District

by Gary Ritter, Marc Holley, Nate Jensen, Brent Riffel, Marcus Winters, Joshua Barnett, and Jay Greene

Released January 22, 2008


The Achievement Challenge Pilot Project (ACPP) operated in 2006-07 at five elementary schools in the Little Rock School District. Participating schools offered teachers and staff substantial bonuses that varied depending on the level of increases in student achievement in each teacher’s classroom.

In the ACPP merit pay program, teachers could earn a bonus worth as much as $10,000. According to the year two evaluation, students in schools where the program operated in 2006-2007 enjoyed greater learning gains than their comparable peers did in math, reading, and language on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The evaluation also surveyed and interviewed teachers at participating and comparison schools. To read the results of the evaluation select from the list below.

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