Michael Popp
Professor of Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness Department of Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness


Dr. Michael Popp, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, has authored, co-authored and presented reports on the feasibility of alternative agricultural production methods and production systems.  He has nearly 50 research publications on best management practices for both row-crop and livestock production, web-based producer decision aids and analyses regarding feasibility of alternative fuels.  Expected volatility in fossil-based fuel costs is affecting agriculture not only from a cost of production and environmental stand point but also from a perspective of rural development.  Investment in energy production from renewable resources from agricultural and forestry byproducts is garnering increased interest.  For the last seven years, Dr. Popp has been analyzing the feasibility of biodiesel and alternative fuels production.  He has presented his work internationally and is searching for innovative methods to improve the feasibility of renewable energy investments with particular emphasis on harvest, storage and logistics of biomass for lignocellulosic ethanol production.

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