Kristofor Brye

Kristofor R. Brye
Professor of Applied Soil Physics
Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Brye has research expertise in the area of applied soil physics, specifically with the in-situ quantification of water and solute transport through soil using equilibrium-tension lysimeters, soil surface carbon dioxide fluxes, biogeochemical cycling of nutrients, particularly C and N, and trace metals, land-management effects on ecosystem properties, soil disturbance and tillage effects on soil properties and crop response, dataloggers and instrumentation for remote, continuous measurements, soil profile description, trace metal adsorption to soil, and soil property characterization.

Current research emphasizes land-use and management effects on soil quality and sustainability.  Current projects focus on evaluating the effects of land-use change (i.e., prairie restoration) on near-surface soil and plant properties; the long-term effects of broiler litter application rate on soil profile properties, vegetation response, and trace metal sorption phenomena; land-use effects on soil C and N storage and sequestration; residue management practice effects, including tillage and residue burning, on near-surface soil properties and processes and soybean and wheat response; the effects of rice-based cropping systems on near-surface soil properties and processes and crop response; and greenhouse gas emissions from flood-irrigated rice with particular emphasis on methane.

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