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Master Plan

A project the size and scope of the Arkansas Research and Technology Park has community wide implications. Therefore, to assure that the overall project is well coordinated and integrated into the fabric of the surrounding community, a set of design guidelines has been adopted to steer development:

1. Creating Community—ARTP creates an environment that fosters interaction.

2. Smart Planning—Buildings are clustered to minimize walking distance.

3. Gateways—convey a compelling public presence.

4. Wayfinding—Establish direction and a sense of place.

5. Walks and Trails—Connect to the City of Fayetteville's master system of trails.

6. Outdoor Dining—Provide venues for interaction and relaxation.

7. Outdoor Spaces—Create positive outdoor space including plazas and courtyards.

8. Natural Beauty—Preserve opportunities for contact with nature.

9. Green Reserve—Preserve and enhance existing wooded areas.

10. Waterways and Steams—Incorporate existing water features as amenities.

View the Master Plan here.