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Innovation Center Innovation Center
The University of Arkansas Innovation Center provides an environment that promotes specialized skill-training, education, research and technical support. Moreover, the Innovation Center provides office and laboratory space for technology-intensive companies, especially those graduating from the GENESIS Technology Incubator, to co-locate with university faculty creating a highly interactive culture necessary for innovation. The Innovation Center will be the catalyst for the formation of a collaborative community of companies and faculty, linked interdependently in research and development focused on the following core competencies:

  • Health—chronic disease, health care delivery, health and wellness and health policy
  • Nanotechnology—nanomaterials, nanolubricants, drug delivery systems and nano-circuits
  • Energy and the Environment—power devices, petroleum, photovoltaics, biomass, green initiatives and environmental policy
  • Food Science and Safety—food safety, food quality, nutrition and food policy
  • Supply Chain, Retail and Transportation—supply chain, distribution, logistics and multi-modal transportation

The Innovation Center also serves as the home office of the University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation, a university-affiliated non-profit foundation that manages the ARTP and provides essential technology transfer functions to corporate partners.

The Innovation Center was the first LEED Certified building in the state of Arkansas.

  • Innovation Center (Front)
  • Innovation Center (Back)
  • Architectural details of the Innovation Center
  • People gather for an event inside the Innovation Center
  • Looking out of the Innovation Center at the park

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