Campus Crusade for Christ + University of Arkansas

What is Cru?

Cru is short for Campus Crusade for Christ. We're no ordinary club.

We're a network of students and staff on thousands of college campuses in the US and around the world. Facilitating spiritual awareness on campus by introducing students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, providing students opportunities to grow in that relationship, and training them to help reach others is what we major in.

Although we each have different experiences and interests, we all share two things in common: We love to have a good time and we are convinced that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most fullfilling thing in the world.

What Cru Offers

  • Cru: The Weekly Meeting
    • Worship, Teaching, Connecting
  • Small Groups
    • This is where life change happens
  • Life Changing Conferences
    • Fall Retreat
    • Winter Conference
  • Summer Missions
    • 80 Countries
    • Summer-Long Projects all across America