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Arkansas Water Rescources Center

Current 104 B Projects
The Arkansas Water Resources Center funded nine projects selected through external peer review by the Technical Advisory Committee in 2015, including:

Rice Evapotranspiration and Water use in the Arkansas Delta; Benjamin R.K. Runkle, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Characterization of Phosphorus Stores in Soils and Sediments and the Potential for Phosphorus Release to Water, Related to Land Use and Landscape Position within a Watershed;
Andrew Sharpley, Rosalind Dodd and Casey Dunigan, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Runoff Water Quality from Managed Grassland Amended with a Mixed Coal Combustion Byproduct; David M. Miller, Kristofer R. Brye and Erik D. Pollock, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Faculty Led Student Projects:

Does Environmental Context Mediate Stream Biological Response to Anthropogenic Impacts?;
Lucy Baker and Sally Entrekin, University of Central Arkansas

Creating an Annual Hydroecological Dataset in Forested Ozark Streams; Allyn Fuell, Douglas Leasure, Dan Magoulick and Michelle A. Evans-White, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Relationship Between Nutrients, Macrograzers Abundance (Central Stonerollers and Crayfish), and Algae on Ozark Streams; Kayla R. Sayre and Michelle A. Evans-White, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Elucidation of a Novel Reaction Pathway for N-Nitrosamine Formation;
David A. Meints II and Julian Fairey, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Continuation of Analysis for Host-Specific Viruses in Water Samples Collected from Select 303(d) Listed Streams in the Illinois River Watershed; Kristen E. Gibson, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Optical Water Quality Dynamics During Receding Flow in Five Northwest Arkansas Recreational Rivers; Amie O. West and J. Thad Scott, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

The funded research addresses our congressional authorized mission, as well as promotes the national mission and objectives of the U.S. Geological Survey focused on providing water quality and quantity information, understanding water availability, addressing the influence of climate on water resources, and responding to water-related emerging needs.

104 B Reporting Requirements
The following must be completed and emailed to AWRC by April 30 of each year during which your project is active.

  1. 104B_Project Summary.   The project summary is to be completed by April 30 of the year during which your project ends (i.e. February 201X).  If your project has been extended you will still be required to submit this report in April of the year your project was originally to end and again the following April.  Please contact Erin Scott at erins@uark.edu if you have any questions.  Please include in relevant pictures, tables and graphs in the results section.
  2. 104B Program Reporting Codes.  Please provide the reporting code and the required information for each code applicable to your project.  For example:

R4: 3 faculty, 1 post-doc, 0 Ph D, 3 masters and 4 undergraduates supported.