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Arkansas Water Rescources Center

AWRC Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee has the opportunity to evaluate proposals submitted annually to the USGS 104 B Program, to recommend session topics included in the annual research conference and to provide general advice to the AWRC Director and staff.

Bob Caulk Beaver Watershed Alliance
Sandra Chandler Arkansas Geological Survey
Nathan Wentz ADEQ
Randy Easley Central Arkansas Water
Sally Entrekin University of Central Arkansas
Michelle Evans-White University of Arkansas
Jerry Farris Arkansas State University
Reed Green USGS
Hal Liechty University of Arkansas Monticello
Bob Morgan Beaver Water District
Tony Ramick ANRC
Michele Reba USDA-ARS
Andrew Sharpley UA Division of Agriculture
Tim Snell The Nature Conservancy
Evan Teague Farm Bureau
Duyen Tran OMI